The forger, the breaker, the tinker and the Maker.


Theodorus is a cleric of Moradin. He left Mt.Celestia to walk the lands of Arkengard in a quest to make whole the hilt of a weapon that has been passed on to him from his previous incarnations. Although he may never find and make this weapon whole he believes that it is the search that it truly important.

Background: All Eyes on you – Your accent, mannerisms, figures of speech, and perhaps even your appearance all mark you as foreign. Curious glances are directed your way wherever you go, which can be a nuisance, but you also gain the friendly interest of scholars and others intrigued by far-off lands, to say nothing of everyday folk who are eager to hear stories of your homeland.

You can parley this attention into access to people and places you might not otherwise have, for you and your traveling companions. Noble lords, scholars, and merchant princes, to name a few, might be interested in hearing about your distant homeland and people

Theo’s Core

  • Personality: Art should reflect the soul; it should come from within and reveal who we really are.
  • Ideals: I work hard to be the best there is at my craft.
  • Bonds: My freedom is my most precious possession.
  • Flaw: My piety sometimes leads me to blindly trust those that profess faith in my god.



  • The people of Mt.Celestia demanded that Theodorus sunder a powerful weapon of evil that one of his past incarnations created. Although necessary, it broke his heart to break such a powerful and beautiful artifact. Mt.Celestia became a constant reminder of the deed and so Theodorus left.
  • Theodorus searches for the wreckage of the star metal that fell to Arkengard.

Teleportation Circle sigil sequences

  • Theodorus’s forge in Mt.Celestia
  • A place in Arkengard (TBD)


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