08th Darklighter Troop "City rats"

Madeline Levellan's former Darklighter Troop


The 08th was a Darklighter unit tasked with patrolling the forests surrounding the city of Dunhame. The 08th has a higher percentage of city-born members than most units. Due to the situation with Dunhame the city rats deal more with criminals and highwaymen than the natural denizens of the Arkenwood. Each member has a carved wooden token of a stylized red rat within a comet (courtesy of Daisy Shoemaker).

The City rats (except the troop leader Content Not Found: madeline-maddy-lavellan) deserted prior to the fraction conflict within the organization. Were last seen in Valhame aiding the Satyr Eris in service of King Godrick “the Bold”.

Unit size: 20 ( Last official counting)

Notable members:

Lt. Madeline Levellan (leader)

Sgt. Daisy Shoemaker (20)- Human – second daughter of a Dunhame cobbler
-Constantly whittles : Garrulous : Organized : extremely superstitious.
Motto:Be honest with yourself or close ones about what you want.

Sgt. Alphonse Billip (24) Human- former merchant
-Gregarious : Gambler: Gives people inappropriate nicknames : flirty.
Motto:Deal with the current situation, don’t bring up the past.

Sgt. Jeffery Green (34) Half-elf- Reformed highwayman
-Suspicious : Loyal : Nervous. : Constantly turns head as if listening to things.
Motto: Always expect a sudden change in plans.


08th Darklighter Troop "City rats"

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