Primrose Ormarr



Name: Primrose Ormarr
Companion: Smokey – platinum pseudo dragon

Age: 25
Hair: Long, straight platinum blond, which she usually leaves loose but for a few interwoven braids.|
Eyes: Golden green
Build: Slim and about 5’5”

Parents: Esmond Ormarr (48) and Coralynne Corfax (deceased)
Siblings: Calvin Ormarr (younger brother; 24); Arella Ormarr (twin sister; deceased)


It is said that the Ormarr family descended from a golden dragon named Loganth who fell in love with a beautiful woman named Arella. The Ormarrs say that Loganth was the son of The Prophet and fought gallantly against the World Night and brought the light back into Arkengard. However, when the humans came and began to slaughter his brothers and sisters, Loganth was one of the first to question their worthiness. Some say that the tale of Loganth and Arella was false and that Loganth was forced into slumber by The Prophet. Others say it was Arella herself that calmed the dragon and made him see that not all humans are the same; some may be more worthy than others and it was Edoric Lockmare that proved this to Loganth in the end. Arella told him how Edoric agreed to protect the land from the dark hunger below and Loganth could only hope it would be so. The memories of men, after all, are very short.

The tale of Arella and Loganth and Edoric’s deal with The Prophet was passed down through the generations from Ormarr to Ormarr. Overtime the tale became more of a fairytale and many in the family line did not believe the truth of it. Still, there was always one who knew the truth of the matter and recognized the truth of the tale. In this generation of Ormarrs, it was Primrose’s father Esmond Ormarr and he believed his daughter was proof of their family’s history.

Esmond grew up in Hatchet where his father, another true believer, insisted that their family learn the art of metal crafting. So, Esmond and his brothers and sisters not only learned metal crafting but learned how to interweave magic into their work, which brought much wealth, honor, and prosperity to their family.

Later, when Esmond took over the family business, he married Lady Coralynne Corfax. They had three children together: the eldest were twin girls (Primrose and Arella) and the youngest Calvin. Primrose and Arella were inseparable until the day of the green fire. The twins went with their mother to the princess’s birthday party while Esmond stayed behind to look after young Calvin. It was a fun night at first, but as the years went by the only clear picture in Primrose’s mind were the green flames burning her mother and sister alive while she stood there untouched. The strange flames danced around her, but did not claim her life, only bits of her clothing. The only other thing she remembered was a great, golden eye opening wide and a voice echoing in her mind, “Only the fire can stop the darkness. This gift is yours, Primrose Ormarr. Use it well.”

Things changed with her family after that day. Her father became shrouded and grief and only her new found powers seemed to give him any hope. He drilled her constantly and filled her childhood with dragons and her new found duty to the world – to destroy the darkness and bring the dragons back.

Primrose Ormarr

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