Brother Bruno

Monk of St. Cuthbert / Vampire Hunter




Originally (and in some ways still) a monk of St. Cuthbert, Bruno was taken in by another shadowy and/or mysterious monastery following the slaughter of most of his brethren near Picadilly. Although it’s unclear, signs point to this monastery’s existence in Fairie, as Bruno emerged from the fey wild nearly a full human lifetime after the massacre without having aged much at all and in possession of certain skills and abilities that the typical Brother of St. Cuthbert does not possess. Usually these only become apparent in a combat situation, as he most often appears on the surface to be one of said typical, non-combatant monks. Often fascinated and enthusiastic about the world and its wonders, he can be seen to become somber and smoldering at the mention of vampires. He will sometimes surprise those around him with sudden and seemingly uncharacteristic violence in situations where he perceives an innocent to be in danger.

Brother Bruno

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