The Seven Towered Citadel

The capital of the realm of Arkengard, ruled by King Godric Lockmare. The Seven Towered Citadel, or “The Citadel” to residents, sits atop a high rocky barrow amidst the dark encroachment of Arkengard’s forests. In the years since its construction, the Citadel has protected the folk of Arkengard well from the perils of the Arken Wood. Godric, along with the majority of his forebears, have reputation for fairness and civility.

A relatively young city, the Citadel sprouted up seemingly overnight twenty years ago, when a fire devastated Castle Lockmare, the valley’s previous fortification. Many of the residents of the adjoining demesne of Dunhame chose to uproot with King and family when they removed ten leagues to the south, to a modest fortified lookout on what had been the edge of the kingdom’s developed land. There, Godric emptied his coffers and his quarries in a race to complete the new castle. After seven years, the Citadel lay complete, and over the next decade Arkengard experienced a rebirth as favorable clouds looked down on its crops and trade flowed into the region.

What follows is a guide to the most well-traveled places within and around the Citadel:

  1. Courtyard District
  2. Chapel District
  3. Trade District
  4. Farmer’s Road
  5. Merchant’s Road

The Seven Towered Citadel

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