The Order of the Seven Stars

The Seven Stars is the knightly order charged with protecting the crown and defending the realm of Arkengard. Historically, the order began when King Edoric the Conjurer appointed seven warriors of the hill tribes to rid the valley of the fearsome dragons that then menaced the Arken Wood. These seven warriors would go on to be enfeoffed by Edoric with the seven baronies of Arkengard: Picadilly, Hatchet, Dunhame, Avenwold, Sturmbold, Bucklain, and Valhame.

As centuries past, the Order grew and handed down the knowledge of dragon-slaying to its new members. Even long after the last of the dragons vanished from the vale, the technique for fighting them is still taught in the Order as a matter of honor and sacred tradition.

While the knights of the Stars have swelled beyond seven members, the custom of seating a noble peer for each of the seven baronies remains, even for the now-defunct Bucklains. These seven serve as the leading members of the order. The current seven peers are:

All of the above with the exception of Albrecht and Adlyn went out from Arkengard to quest after the Invulnerable Coat of Arnd.

The Order of the Seven Stars

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