Sir Albrecht

The Dandy Knight of Picadilly / The Meek King's Wizard


Tales of Arkengard – Developments

Albrecht was revealed to belong to the Order of the Green Flame, and was just a lad when the conflagration took the castle. A knight of the Order of the Seven Stars, he possessed a peculiar collection of magical devices, which he loaned to the adventurers to aid in their endeavors.

Chronicles of Arkengard – Developments

The investigators of Castle Lockmare found Albrecht and Cedric Lockmare holed up in a drawing room next to the gallery, injured and guarding the door against a gang of goblins. The two were here looking for the missing Princess Adlyn. After relieving the knight and the prince, Albrecht revealed the existence of a magic hourglass, an heirloom of his station as the Knight of Picadilly, that lay in the castle coffers. He recalled an old bit of lore about the hourglass that he believed might provide some clue as to the princess’s whereabouts.

Chronicles of Arkengard – Alternate Timeline Developments

Maddy changed the past by making sure her brother Marcus was not in the castle as it burned. Albrecht was with Marcus at the time (both were squiring for knights and shared a dormitory), and was also sent away. Something about this act changed Albrecht’s destiny, since when the party returned to the present, the Knight of Picadilly was instead Doc.

Sir Albrecht

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