Lady Madeline "Maddy" Levellan

Dunhame noblewoman, Moral avenger or self righteous hypocrite


Ethnicity: Valhame/ Rhinehart
Worships: Kord (stopped believing after the green fire)
Rank: Lieutenant in the Darklighters (former)
Other names: The Picadilly Weeper (Do NOT say this to her face) Sofie Holtzmann ( undercover identity)

House Lavellan
House Lavellan is a noble house that has a long history of martial accomplishments in service of the crown. Close relation to house Lockmare.

Maddy hails from the noble family of house Lavellan, which instilled in her a strong sense of justice, loyalty and service to the kingdom. While living the “rough-and-tumble” life of a Darklighter, she still exhibits the traits of an upbringing in high nobility. She projects the kind of confidence and propriety that comes with reconciling a troubled past. The one trait she is well known for is her short temper, which is especially short in areas concerning her family. Swears in Rhinish, a quirk from childhood.

Carefree childhood
Maddy was the youngest of three children and grew up with all the privileges and opportunities that was afforded a child of nobility.Her father, Duncan, served with distinction as captain of the guard in service to King Godric. Her family’s fortunes were never higher, and her future seemed equally as bright.
In her many visits to Castle Lockmare, she became close friends with the princess, Adlyn. The two could often be seen playfighting throughout the castle. Maddy was the more mischievous of the two, often dragging Adlyn into all sorts of childish trouble.

Night of Green Fire
But such good fortune was not to last. During princess Adlyn’s 6th birthday celebration, an inferno of green flame raged throughout Castle Lockmare. Madeline and most of her family escaped with the royal family. Her father, as well as her oldest brother Marcus were amongst the many lost to the fire.In addition to those losses, her family’s reputation was dealt a severe blow. The event severely traumatized young Maddy, something which still plagues her to this day. Some within the kingdom whispered of her fathers negligence in duty allowing for that disaster to occur. Following the “Night of Green Fire” Maddy took a longer time than her peers to recover physically and mentally. Maddy would often confide in princess Adlyn, who lent her ear to comfort a struggling friend. Archery was one activity that got her mind off the stresses of life, of which she became very skilled at.

Burned bridges
At the age of 12, she entered into a youth archery tournament during Picadilly’s autumn festival. Her family While very skilled, she suffered a traumatic episode, performed extremely poorly and began weeping. While those close to her tried to comfort her, all she could hear was the few members of the crowd that were snickering and laughing
Maddy felt even with her best efforts, she was a failure. The bitterness within, her hot temper as well as a long seething sense of abandonment made her teen years incredibly rough. Very little of the cheerful child remained in Maddy. family, friends and peers often bore the brunt of her anger; hostile, agressive behavior, delinquency and public disruptions were a common occurrences. was one thing that she did not give up on, as it was one of the activities Marcus taught her. She spent a long time alone in the forest, loosing arrows in silence.

As she reached her mid teens her behavior caused Maddy to become a social liability. The tipping point was at a ball debuting the young ladies of nobility. An already resentful and drunk Maddy fought with Cassandra Fieldings and her friends. The aftermath of this confrontation included ruined ball dresses, flipped food tables and a broken nose for Cassandra. After an emotional intervention with Adlyn, Maddy was convinced give the Arkengard military a try. After a troubled start, Maddy came to embrace the lifestyle the military provided. The harsh discipline, camaraderie and practice helped reawakened the dormant sense of honor and purpose that she had painfully rejected. Her natural skills with tracking and archery made her a fit for the Darklighters. She served the Darklighters in the next few years with distinction, becoming a decorated marksmen in the organization. Maddy regularly represents the Darklighters at archery tournaments, officiating as well as scouting out for possible recruits.

Related NPCs

the 08th Darklighter watch unit


Father- Duncan Levellan (deceased)
Mother – Lisbeth Schwarzwald (Rhinehart Noblity) Loving parent/child relationship. Lisbeth is secretly saddened that Madeline’s life path went toward the martial rather than thesafer high-born court life.
Older Brother: Marcus (Missing with Albrecht)

Older Brother: Cole, head of family. – Better head for logistics rather than military. Last with the citadel king’s forces heading for Dunhame. Maddy and Cole are on good terms, although there is an undercurrent of friction (Maddy is uneasy with the family’s martial tradition transitioning one with a more commerce base / Cole is insecure over mlitary matters; never good at fighting, very short-lived failed tenure in officer school)
(Cole’s wife) Alice Brenton (Hatchet) Friendly, although Alice is slightly intimidated by Maddy.
(Cole’s Children) twins Marcus and Claudia (5)Maddy spoils the children rotten. The “fun” auntie.


Lydia Fielding (22) – Madeline’s long suffering Lady’s Maid. She cares for a Falcon (Gaspard) to find Maddy after getting sick of spending so much time trying to track her down.

Morris Vimes (43) – Member of the Lavellan house guard. His task to guard Maddy (when not on Darklighter business), but mostly ends up escorting Cecelia around to whatever town Maddy decides to meet at (which is fine for him, as it usually ends up with him drinking at an inn).

  • Personality Traits
    I am more than my past. I struggle to break free of it’s hold on me.
  • Ideals
    It is my duty to protect and care for the people beneath me.
  • Bonds
    I’ll do anything for the people I love.
  • Flaws
    I too often hear veiled insults in every word addressed to me, and I’m quick to anger.


Name pronounced similar to Coraline (Trying to differ from Madeline and Adyln sounding too similar)

*Has a large, complicated tattoo down her left arm, framing the burn scars received during the Night of Green Flame. It depicts stylized green flames, with small details like skulls and a butterflies. The main element of her tattoo are the words “Fich Alles” (“Fuck Everything” in Rhinish) in script.

Character song : Spanish Sahara by Foals
Maddy Levellan character concept playlist:

Lady Madeline "Maddy" Levellan

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