Godric Lockmare

The King of Arkengard / Trying to Forget his Past


King Godric is a stern, shrewd warrior. Possessing both a keen sense for the business of running a kingdom’s day to day tasks and the military guile to protect his holdings, Godric is understood by the peasants of the The Seven Towered Citadel to be a worthy and capable king. While Godric’s virtues include patience, honor, and steadfastness, his vices include pride, a short temper, and occasional coldness. Nonetheless, the folk of the Citadel are happy under his rule and look up to him as a soldier whose courage on the battlefield has kept their fields safe.

It is often noted of the courageous that in spite of their general fearlessness, there is nearly always a “chink in the armor” – a single phobia in the face of which they are reduced to powerlessness. Godric Lockmare is no exception to this rule. Godric’s fear is manifest in the physical form of Castle Lockmare, his ancestral manor and site the previous throne of Arkengard , a league to the north. When Adlyn was a child and Cedric an infant, an accidental conflagration consumed the castle and many of its inhabitants, including Adessa, the queen and Godric’s wife. The people of Arkengard know that Godric carries both literal and figurative scars from the event – the left side of his face is rippled with grotesque scarring, and he cannot suffer the sight of Castle Lockmare. In order to hide his hideous wounds, Godric wears a wooden mask which conceals half his face.

Godric Lockmare

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