Brother Menander

Royal Apothecary / Mentor and Caretaker to Nod


Tales of Arkengard – Developments

A leading voice within the Order of the Green Flame, Menander helped the adventurers in many ways, often providing guidance, especially to Nod. During the War of the Two Kings, Menander spied on Caine and later King Godric, determining that Caine was the power behind the throne and Godric was not himself. Shortly after revealing this information, he died in the Battle of Maen Holt.

Chronicles of Arkengard – Developments

In the past, the time travelers spoke with Menander, giving him advanced notice of the Night of the Green Flame and allowing him to save part of his extensive library from destruction. It is unknown how else their actions affected him.

Chronicles of Arkengard – Alternate Timeline Developments

It is unknown the effects Nod’s absence had on Menander, other than the fact that, like in the original timeline, Menander is not in the Citadel.

Brother Menander

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